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Roxalyn Boldt, MA

Registered Psychologist CPBC #1978


[email protected]

A Salmon Arm Psychologist Who Can Help You Become Free from Trauma, Struggle and Emotional Pain

Working with me as your therapist, you can create a more meaningful life and experience more rewarding relationships...

You're hurting - or having problems such as depression, anxiety, or relationship struggles.

Perhaps you've experienced trauma in your childhood or adult life.

Or, you may have no idea why life is so challenging for you. You wonder why things are so difficult for you.

You've tried to resolve your problems, over and over...but nothing has worked.

You continue to struggle.

You feel discouraged, yet you don't want to give up hope that a better life is possible.

A better life is ALWAYS possible.

It doesn't matter what your problems are or how long you've had them; therapy with me is a path that can help bring deep and lasting healing.

The Benefits of Therapy

  • Feel happier and more alive
  • Be more compassionate with yourself
  • Have more self-confidence
  • Have healthier and more rewarding relationships
  • Experience more meaning and purpose in your life

I know you may be discouraged right now and might be unsure if therapy is the right path for you.

Any doubts you have about seeing a therapist are understandable.

At the same time, you've come to my website because you have hope that there is a way out of your struggles.

I can't make you any promises. However, if you're willing to take the risk and engage in the therapy process, I'm confident that together, we can make the changes that you seek in your life.

                                                               You deserve to be happy.

If you're looking for deep and lasting healing to overcome your problems, contact me to find out how I can help.

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